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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  October 10, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> i wouldn't know where to put the leash. >> what's next? luckily, we've got a recommendation. now, you are caught up and clued in on the top of the list.< kanye and kim to bff. pop culture hotter than a roast beef on the hot list. >> please welcome kanye west. the two tried to explain how their recent twitter war came out. >> it serves point. the egos can flare up.
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>> kanye tried to clear the air with the papparazzi. >> but let's have some respect. >> here's approaching with armed intruders. tom hanks admitted this week that he has diabetes plays a merchant marine whose ship is ambushed by a pirate. we're kecht on the edge of our seats. this movie is rated rrrrrr. >> and,n"ú man in higs ri is possibly the best game show host? fox has signed steve correl to do ridiculous dances and funny sketches. >> break it down in terms of i'm okay. >> the series, side show, is already a global hit.
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>> i'm soar nervous about this. i don't think i ate for three days. >> pop culture burning like michael scotty love on the hot lisz. in the time it takes me to save a sentence, they can tell an entire story. >> girls get rall, like. ♪ >> ready? go. >> i just broke um with my boyfriend chlts. >> it's too late for candy. >> why did you hit me? >> i didn't hit you. >> whoa, what are you doing? >> round 2.
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>> ain't nobody in the greater new york area that got pants like this. >> somebody give me a treat. >> i can teach him, but then he'll be wrong. >> just the candy. >> don't you want to go? >> remember the time before 6 second movies when libraries ruled the information highway? in an effort to not become
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dinosaurs, many are loaning out books, musics and dvds. ariel wexler checks it out. >> what do fishing poles, cookware and power tools have in common? they're all available at local libraries across the country. >> things like power tools that are too expensionive for one person to buy, but you need them when you need them. >> we don't have them. >> but that's all changing as more books go the way of e-readers and the internet gives us answers at a our fingertips, public libraries are finding new ways to stay in the game. >> that may not mean anything to you, but that means a lot to me. >> say you need extra pots and pans to whip up a feast, why not borrow them from the library just like you'd borrow sugar from the neighbor. maksoetngnd bring it back with a recipe. and then the next time it goes
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out, it goes out with a recipe from the local chunty. >> some branchs have even started lending out people. >> there are those in the community who are experts in something. and they're willing to go troubleshoot at some hotel. g want to make your own movie? some must be lick libraries will let you check out production equipment and teach you how to use it. we're talking about everything from digital cameras and go-pros to audio recorders. some have a culture pass for free. >> checking its out, it's amazing to do the thingings that they want to do. saving time and money, that's one for the books. for "the list, i'm arielwexler. >> tricks to get your flight rebooked before everyone
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educational next on "the list". this is travel in the u.s., george peabody university. oq3e!tk0
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hi, i'm theresa strosser and you're on "the list." connor and i have some tips so you can get rebooked and on your way faster than anyone else. connor, what's the deal? >> if your flight is significantly delayed or
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cancelled, there's not much you can do about it. you can't fix planes or change the weather, you're stuck. all waiting to finally fig your out an alternate way to your des fact. here's the strategies i use. bust out your phone and call the airline. that line of passengers is competing from the same seats. you've got a smart phne, look up all of the alternate routes. they may not have the most creative route, but know if there are earlier connections,
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give those options to the agent. i would seriously consider heading into the airline lounge. typically, some of the best they have to offer. and they'll give you more personalized service. if you've got a family of four, everyone's ticketings could be worth it. even if it's just you, it might be worth it. you might have free access with your credit card and a stressful rebooking scenario is the perfect time to use it. being savvy about your rebooking options can get you there faster. so what's not dead but not living? a zombie. season four oes walking dead, we decided to look at zombies by
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the numbers. 12.4 million viewer stayed at the season 3 finale . >> one through five is the rating system walking dead producers used toe grade the zombie extras. if you ever go to a bar at 12:00 in the morning, that's really good reference. >> 114 is the number of issues from the comic book that inspired the tv series. almost 650 zombie movies have been made. the top five, night of the living dead.
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28 days later. dawn of the dead. shawn of the ked and white zombie, which is believed to be the first movie ever made in '82. a som bow training story. >> i almost scared myself. >> that's zombie by the numbers. >> you know, theresa, whatever that disease is that makes people zombies, i do not want it. >> no, but whatever that magic is that makes a video go viral, bring that on. >> we searched the internet for the day's best viral videos. >> first up, the box master. jean shinazocki is showing difficulty.
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let's just hope you have some issuies t cea u afterwards? check out this rux wake border chowing down some chow mein while on the water. apparently, this is no big deal for her as she cuts boo the woov waves, too. ♪ >> oh, look at that, nickelback is copying themselves.
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you, uh, here for the interview? yeah... is that...? it is!
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(sigh) naomi, i take it? i'm tracey. your résumé is fantastic... (slurping) with authentic, expertly crafted roasts and legendary brews, eight o'clock is the coffee for those who put coffee first. (slurp) (whirring)
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. from government gridlock to gridlock on the beltway. nicky checks out what is bringing everything to a halt around baltimore. >> at number 1 is day 10 of a shutdown and some truck drivers are ready to protest by putting capitol on the beltway. they rise to the constitution when they want to lockup i95 tomorrow. maryland state police will be on hand if the rally gets out of hand. >> they can do it as long as they're in a lawful manner.
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>> lauren is ready to run in the baltimore running festival to honor her cousin and cousin's husband who lost his leg in the boston marathon bombing. >> now, she's been bitten by the running bug. >> i have four sons. >> she'll be surrounded by tens of thousandses pounding the pavement. >> it will be a prosthetic, but they'll get there. >> number 3, it's valley dew farms. this 150 pounds is called copious gus. there's a list you can do with a giant great pumpkin. >> that's good for 1500 pies, you can hollow it out and have a play house. >> you can use it as a giant tv
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and watch tonight's 200th anniversary of gray's anatomy t now, you're clued up to what's happening around baltimore. you've tried every work out there is. now, here's a wild idea. take
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i'm matt gallant and you're on "the list." ever want to run like a cheetah,
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swim like a dolphin, growl like a bear? now you can and you can lose weight doing its. we're which canning out the new animal work out. >> are you sure you weren't in the circus or something? number one, it ocean all an movement. get out of that congresswoman puter posture. >> at number two, it burns tonings of calories. >> a lot of muscles. need a lot of ox jenl. >> and number three, it's fun. >> et allows people to do something that's dwimpbt but it's amazingly effective. >> bagsed ebased on my body ty is best for me? >> you might find out that you're an ape.
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but you've got to try it out and find out. >> randy through the abcs of animal movement. next, b. for the ferocious menacing beast. and c for crab which is very, very difficult. mike's is a little it better than mine. that's it. for now. it's time to go animal on the fit list. >> so, matt, would you actual actuallily do that animal wrk out there. >> thank you, guys, so much for watching the list. here's what we're already working on for tomorrow. >> the time of year when you're so inspired to decorate.
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you dream of this, but you end up with this. kumpb kin carving tricks that will make your neighbors jealous tomorrow on" the list." . well hello there everybody. i'm kevin pereira. you don't have to put on makeup tot(q win 50,000 t(dollars. people across ameri want to play. let's see who we've got today. she's from kz,e1 please welcome torii.i] she's from windsor, she's fr =]91ñ michigan. it's dianne. welcome everyone to the sthou.
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we ask america thane opinions on all kinds of crazy topics. all you have to do is correctry guess the results of the poles and you guyslp win fistfulsq of cash. sound qgood?xd ezq is wort $100. shower withe1 their spouse or te a shorter shower. and the question is what did in their 5 they would rather do to conser)k water? shower with theirñi spouse or te a shorter shower? everyone has got their answers down and theirok dances out ofw1 their system. let's go to the best belly in the business.ñi lew civil how are you? >> i'mq great. >> is that a profession or a passion or both? >> it's a i]passion. i love it. it's great exercise.
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>> let's give some people some cash here. is it shower with their spouse ñ contestants, let's seee1 what yi
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>> what's your story. >> from xdtexas, i'm a happily married man to a beautiful wife and the father of two beautiful girls whoçó keep me young and kp me fun. >> et es get you some cash. flip the cards. sit drunk adultsxd or little ki? three for the drunk cults. with 73% of the votexd for qxd$ it's thee1 drunk adults. diana and lew civil in first place, stephen just behind with 200.:e"5=ui next question is 3] the two answers arei] pizza for breakfast or sere recereal for . what meal did bachelors say they is it pizza oru breakfast or
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surreal for dinner. cory we're going tou goúuf you now time to say hello and get you some cash. >> i work at axd harley davidso motorcycle shop. >> that's some he(hñ machinery back there. >> i can handle it, though. >> nothing wrong with that. ret'se1 put the cards around, i it pizza or brca fast orok surrl for dinner. >> three for pizza. worth $300.lp the correct answer with i]57% o the votes, ms. lew civil, youe1 got it right. cereal for dinner. dianne in in second with 300, steven holding in there with 200 and cory you've got to get this correct to stay in the game. this is the final question ofjf thi


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